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Spanish Lessons Make Life Meaningful

In a day and age in which we’re all “living our best lives,” one of the most special things we can give ourselves is the gift of knowing another language. While Spanish lessons will be a lot of fun, learning Spanish is more than fun; it’s something that brings multiple layers of meaning and opportunities into our daily existence. A lot of people shrug off the idea of learning a language by saying that once you hit thirteen, you’re doomed and unable to learn anything other than “Hola," but that’s not only not true, but it’s also ludicrous. The myth that learning a language after you hit a certain age needs to die. The reality is that while learning a language may be easier when we are younger, it’s still possible to speak a new language with confidence at any age. And in truth, most language programs are built for a more advanced learner, beyond the teen years. Try just one lesson in Spanish with Rosetta Stone, and you’ll see that these lessons are made explicitly for adult learners, to get people speaking in phrases that work in real life, and not just a classroom. And while many people assume that everyone speaks English, this is not actually the case. You might just shrug that off and try to rely on Google Translate, but do you really think Google Translate can accurately translate sarcasm, wit, and other nuances of language?

You also don’t have to be fluent to enjoy a language. If preschoolers can learn Spanish, like Spanish numbers and they’ve never written a book report or can even tell time, you can learn how to ask an intriguing stranger for his or her number in Spanish, order food in Spanish, or understand the juicy parts of a telenovela in Spanish. Rosetta Stone offers ten-minute, bite-sized lessons in Spanish that will help you build confidence and have fun speaking even if you can’t write a dissertation on the Spanish-American War en español.

If you still have doubt that learning a language won’t bring you a lot of pleasure and meaning, these 7 reasons will convince you otherwise.

Reason Number One

A lesson in Spanish is worth its weight in gold

Learning Spanish isn’t just a fun talent that you can show off when you feel like excluding annoying family members at the dinner table come the holidays, or a cool way to flirt with someone, but it’s pretty darn useful considering that according to the Pew Research Center, the second most spoken language in the United States is Spanish. This means it’s highly likely that you’ll get to practise your sweet new language at least once a day just by going to a coffee shop, work, or your gym. So, whether you’re a college student, chef, lawyer or painter, you’ll probably find that with just one lesson in Spanish, you’re apt to use what you learn. All those years of algebra may have left your memory back when Dylan and Brenda were an item in 90210, but your Spanish speaking skills will live on, even when you’re in diapers–again. Even if you can just show off Spanish colors, numbers and catch phrases, you’re already ahead of the game and able to speak with a good chunk of the population who can hablar español.

Reason Number Two

To succeed in your job, we’re willing to bet Spanish is a worthy tool

No matter what your profession, we’re willing to make a strong bet that you will encounter Spanish-speaking patrons, coworkers or business associates. Do you really want a translator or wouldn’t it be nice if you could reach out to someone in their native language?

According to the New American Economy, the demand for workers to be bilingual has more than doubled in 5 years. That’s pretty impressive. In other words, in order to compete and succeed in your career, it’s highly advisable that you speak more than just English.

Before you balk and tell yourself that you don’t have time to enroll in a college-level course in order to ace your next job interview, Rosetta Stone offers you the chance to practise anywhere– on your smartphone, tablet, or in your car, so it’s not like you need to move mountains to start speaking Spanish. Essentially, you’ve got lessons that never leave your side…wherever you go!

Reason Number Three

To succeed in your job, we’re willing to bet Spanish is a worthy tool

We all want to be just a tiny bit smarter than our friends. If you’re not willing to admit it, that’s perfectly ok … we’ll keep this little secret between us. Knowing another language sort of ups the ante, and requires you to keep smart company. Wink.

But truly, start taking a tally of how often you think you hear someone speaking Spanish, whether you are in a boardroom or a pub. Not only will you impress your friends and show up your colleagues, but being able to speak basic Spanish will enhance your brain’s ability to pick up other things. You’re building neural pathways and connections; in other words, you’re building a smarter brain, and also, ordering the right beer at a bar in Mexico.

Studies Show Taking Lessons in Spanish Make You Way Cooler Than You Used To Be

Okay, so we may be stretching that a little, but speaking another language is actually a lot of fun and people who have fun are happier individuals.

Reason Number Four

Lessons ins Spanish are fun & couldn’t we all use a little more fun?

While you prattle on singing in Spanish, wouldn’t you like to perfect your pronunciation? Wouldn’t you really love to know what Luis Fonsi means when he sings Despacito? Your Spanglish version isn’t all that cute.

Reason Number Five

It’s impressive when you speak another language the right way

And how many of you are dying to impress a woman/man who speaks Spanish, but when you try to look suave, you look desperate and pathetic? A show of hands… Rosetta Stone has a speech recognition technology called TruAccent®, so you’ll sound like a native when you ask her to dance.

And Lastly… Reason Seven

Travel like a pro

When you travel, don’t stick out like a tourist … speak like a pro! Tourists are more subject to trouble and mayhem as it is, but being able to speak with a good accent will help you really blend in and travel incognito with the locals.

Truly, if you’ve made it to this page, you’ve probably always wanted to learn Spanish but didn’t believe you could. Let go of that doubt. Rosetta Stone has taught millions of people who were just like you at first: doubtful, but curious and eager. Despite the hesitancies and lack of confidence, they walked away speaking with a smile.

When you take lessons in Spanish with Rosetta Stone, you’ll learn:

  • Everything From Common Phrases to Social Conversation Speech: Our Dynamic Immersion® method teaches new words and phrases based on the context in which they’re used, so you’ll be prepared to thrive in real-world conversations that don’t follow a script.
  • To Speak With Confidence As You Socialise Or Travel: Everything we do has one very specific goal: to get you speaking confidently. We go beyond standard Spanish lessons to let you practise whichever way works best for you–whether that’s studying common phrases, reading interesting stories, or talking to our native-speaking tutors–so you’ll be ready to have real-world conversations.

Set aside your hesitations and quench your curiosity today when you sign up for a 3-day free trial.

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