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The UK aims to impress Valentines by ordering food in a foreign language

- Italian cuisine considered most appropriate for a dinner date -

2012 February, 9

Portami il tuo miglior prosciutto di Parma e una bottiglia del tuo vino piu' pregiato!

Ordering food from the menu in Italian is considered to be the best way to impress a date, according to new research commissioned by Rosetta Stone®. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, many people are looking for ways to impress their loved ones. The right gift, the right bunch of flowers, and the right language can mean the difference between a date that is a hit or a miss.

45% believe it is very important, and 51% believe it is quite important to know how to order from a menu in a foreign language. 79% believe that this is a good way to impress the opposite sex.

But which cuisines are most strongly associated with love? Foods considered most important for a romantic date are Italian (73%), French (61%), Spanish (49%) and Chinese (46%). Respondents were allowed to select multiple answers to this question.

Cooking programmes on TV have clearly made an impact with consumers, as 54% would choose to cook the meal themselves, with 43% preferring to take their loved one out to a restaurant. Just 3% would order a takeaway.

The British will be seeking out recipes for spaghetti Bolognese and pizza as Italian cuisine was again the preference for home cooking, with 33% choosing this option. English cuisine came in second with 17%, followed by Chinese (13%) and Spanish (10%).

Gustaf Nordbäck, Country Director for Rosetta Stone UK commented: "The British people are obviously interested in drawing on foreign language and culture when it comes to impressing their loved ones. This is backed up by the fact that when travelling abroad, 87% of our respondents always sample the local cuisine. It's good to see that language helps people make the most of cultural experiences, whether it's travelling the world or recreating a favourite dish at home. Valentine's day is the perfect excuse to show off your language

A full copy of the research is available on request.


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