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Rosetta Stone® Enterprise Learners Receive CPD Credentials

2012 February, 28

Rosetta Stone®, the leading language-learning provider to individuals, organisations and educational institutions, is pleased to announce that it has become the only online language learning provider for institutional clients to date whose courses are CPD certified and can be integrated in and counted towards a CPD scheme for an employing organisation or professional body. 

Increasingly, international and emerging markets are ‘professionalising' their workforces and looking to the UK to benchmark educational standards. Likewise, foreign language skills play a crucial role in today's global industries and the undertaking of certified Rosetta Stone language learning programs can be counted towards CPD by many professional institutes to strengthen the learners' continuing personal and professional development.

Michael Markham, Executive Chairman, CPD Certification Service, commented: "Learning a language can certainly help enhance one's learning and knowledge within a continued personal and professional development programme. We have certified for its industry-wide and interdisciplinary services the institutional offerings of Rosetta Stone."

As CPD framework implementation is different in every organisation its use as a principle whilst part of every day life in the professional associations and the public sector has increasingly become relevant within the private sector. Rosetta Stone provides tailored language-learning solutions to meet each organisation's language training needs and requirements in line with their long-term organisational objectives. Many institutions include language learning in their human resources or training and development strategies. Rosetta Stone provides the following CPD accredited language-learning solutions:


  • Rosetta COURSe™: The award-winning self-study software, complete with proprietary speech-recognition technology that teaches to speak, understand, read and write - all without translation or memorisation. The Rosetta Stone Dynamic Immersion® method teaches learners to think in a new language immediately by connecting words with vivid imagery in real-life contexts to convey meaning.
  • Rosetta Stone TOTALe™: An innovative complete solution that adds live conversational practice and social learning activities to Rosetta Stone COURSe with two complementary features:
    • Rosetta STUDIo™ allows learners to practise speaking skills with other learners at the same level in live sessions tutored by native speakers in an interactive, online environment.
    • Rosetta WORLd™ presents a structured, online environment where users can engage in interactive games and activities in an exclusive community dedicated to language learning. It helps learners to engage comfortably in conversation with native speakers and practise their skills in games designed for their learning level.
  • Rosetta Stone Administrator Training: Online (min 2 hours) or onsite (6 hours) training to client administrators on the Rosetta Stone Manager tool. Training covers Rosetta Stone program's methodology and product background, setup of group structures and privileges, curricula setting and learners registering, and full learner usage report.
    • Blended Learning with Rosetta Stone Webinar: 30min webinars to teachers, administrators and head teachers to encourage ideas and best practise to support language learning. Content of the webinar includes aspects like challenges of language learning and how Rosetta Stone can support the organisation. It covers information about blended learning, ideas for keeping up learner motivation and how e-languagelearning can enhance classroom language learning as well as insight into usage monitoring and content tailoring.

The benefit of certification is that CPD gives third party endorsement confirming the training activity conforms to globally accepted and industry-wide used CPD principles. Also, research shows that by having a comprehensive CPD scheme, level of absenteeism and staff turnover decrease and job satisfaction and employee engagement increase. CPD schemes also help to align to professional bodies or institutions within organisation's sector to keep best practice and maintain high industry standards.

Donavan Whyte, Institutional Sales Director, Rosetta Stone UK, commented: "We recognise that continuing personal and professional development (CPD) is important for our learners and administrators so we wanted to make sure we strengthen our resources with The CPD Certification Service. CPD is a recognised symbol of quality assured training and this adds an ‘excellence mark' to our language learning program. It is ideal for those organisations that recognise the importance of professional development and are looking to refresh or enhance the skills of their workforce."


Notes to Editor:

About Rosetta Stone:

Rosetta Stone provides tailored and strategic language-learning solutions to over 10,000 private and public sector organisations and 15,000 schools worldwide. International expansion is rapidly becoming a key business consideration for organisations looking to strategically align their workforce with future growth opportunities, and the development of a linguistically skilled
workforce is a key consideration for these businesses.

Business Benefits

Rosetta Stone® Enterprise solutions address today's global challenges by helping organisations of all sizes communicate effectively across languages.

About CPD:

The focus of CPD is on acquiring knowledge and skills that will assist people in their career through formal programmes of study or courses.

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