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Press Releases

2012 Press Releases

9 February: The UK aims to impress Valentines by ordering food in a foreign language

28 February: Rosetta Stone® Enterprise Learners Receive CPD Credentials

21 March: Gatwick Airport Selects Rosetta Stone Language-Learning Solution as Newest Employee Development Tool

13 June: Celebrate Father's Day with Rosetta Stone 'Dadisms'

7 August: Embrace language through sport

10 August: Rosetta Stone celebrates language learning at Primrose Hill

26 September: Upgrading your tongue essential in today's job market

26 September: Upgrading your tongue strengthens family ties

26 September: Upgrade your tongue, and indulge in a taste for other cultures

26 September: Upgrading your tongue opens the door to the ‘feel good factor'… and better relationships.

4 October: Parents upgrade their tongue to give their kids a head-start

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