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Businesses Prioritise Language Learning To Improve Communications

New research demonstrates that businesses show increased importance in language learning to stay competitive internationally

New research commissioned by Rosetta Stone® reveals a significant appetite amongst  employers for language-learning programs to aid effective internal and external communication. The leading language-learning company has seen a surge in demand for its solutions from international organisations preparing to enter new markets and wanting to strengthen their competitive advantage.

Senior and upper management-level business professionals from industries including manufacturing, high-tech and construction felt this was a crucial issue: 80% agreed that it was either very or extremely important. Communication among employees was viewed with even greater importance than communication between employees and customers.

Improved productivity and collaboration is the desired goal - with 63% of all respondents agreeing these are the results they would most like to achieve by adopting a languagelearning solution followed by increase in customer satisfaction and retention (44%) and increase in number of employees that are language proficient (40%).

Reasons for language learning included expansion to new geographies (48%), relocating staff overseas (32%) and hiring employees with specific language backgrounds (30%).

The majority of those surveyed (83%) believed beginner to intermediate level of language  proficiency were enough to achieve employee success.

TDK Electronics Europe, with a strong presence in Europe, Asia, and the Americas,  frequently requiring employees to work and communicate internationally, appointed Rosetta Stone as their language partner in a quest to help to meet vital language training needs. Louise Paterson, TDK Senior Manager for Human Resources in Europe, said: "We needed the ability to offer a broad range of languages and course content that enabled learners to start speaking their new language immediately".

Sylke Riester, Managing Director for Europe, Rosetta Stone, said: "It is clear that language barriers are presenting a major challenge in today's globalised world. However, it is very encouraging to see that business leaders believe these are barriers that can be quickly overcome through employment of a language-learning program to raise employees' level of proficiency."

For more information, go to www.RosettaStone.co.uk/enterprise or call 0800 005 1332.


About Rosetta Stone
Rosetta Stone is a leading provider of scalable language-learning solutions with a big mission: to change the way the world learns languages. International expansion is rapidly becoming a key business consideration for organisations looking to strategically align their workforce with future growth opportunities, and the development of a linguistically skilled workforce is a key consideration for these businesses. Rosetta Stone provides tailored and strategic language-learning solutions to over 10,000 organisations.

Business Benefits
Rosetta Stone® Enterprise TOTALe solutions address today's global challenges by helping organisations of all sizes communicate effectively across languages.

About the research: MarketBridge, a leading global provider of technology-enabled sales and marketing solutions, surveyed 493 senior and upper management-level business professionals in a variety of functional roles at leading international corporations to learn more about their company's language-learning needs.

Media Contact:
Agne Liutkeviciute
UK PR Executive
T: +44 207 4929 044
M: +44 7590 356 174
E: aliutkeviciute@rosettastone.com

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