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Rosetta Stone Delivers Six New Mission-Critical Language Editions to Strengthen Military and Government Efforts

2010 August, 18

Access to Dari, Pashto, Urdu, Arabic (Iraq), Swahili and Bahasa Indonesia Assists Forces in Global Hot Spots

Rosetta Stone Inc. (NYSE:RST), a leading provider of technology-based language-learning solutions, announced today the release of six new language editions available for military and government language-training platforms. Rosetta Stone® Enterprise Version 3 now offers government customers Dari, Pashto, Urdu, Arabic (Iraq), Swahili and Bahasa Indonesia, languages critical to global security efforts. The powerful training solution blends custom military content into the Rosetta Stone curriculum helping to build foundational language skills through immersion-based, self-paced study and simulated exercises that prepare for real-life, face-to-face interactions. Rosetta Stone empowers service members and security forces throughout the world to better deliver the mission, save lives and serve their community with enhanced critical language skills.

"We're proud to strengthen our partnership with the US Armed Forces and local, regional, national and international government organisations, standing by our commitment to language-learning success," said Pete Rumpel, vice president of institutional markets, Rosetta Stone. "The US Armed Forces in particular have seen the tremendous value language learning provides. With these enhancements to our Enterprise government solution, we're helping them and other government organisations deliver their mission to the absolute best of their abilities. Forces deploying to regions where these new languages are spoken have the opportunity to access a critical tool enabling them to better communicate in everyday interactions."

Rosetta Stone Enterprise includes speech-recognition technology and guided pronunciation exercises that teach specific words, phrases, and constructions, helping to build confidence and perfecting speaking skills. Service members and security forces now have mission-supporting content for reading, writing, pronunciation, listening, grammar, and vocabulary. The vocabulary includes modes of transportation, weapons and ammunition, directions, buildings and landmarks, natural features, basic medical terms and relevant cultural concepts. Additionally, the solution includes security mission supporting milestones at the completion of each unit to demonstrate skills mastered. The milestones form a continuing storyline that applies the language acquired throughout the learning experience to realistic situations. The learner plays the part of a security force member who must effectively engage in conversations in order to accomplish missions. For example, the learner must gather information from a victim in order to secure the scene and neutralise the opposition.

Many security organastions contribute to their mission success through the use of Rosetta Stone. The award-winning solution, adopted by the U.S. Army in 2005, has successfully delivered language training to its globally deployed force of 1.4 million soldiers and civilians. Rosetta Stone is also used by the U.S. Marine Corps, the Australian Defence Forces, the U.K. Metropolitan Police Service, the Colombian Military and other military, law enforcement and government organisations around the world. Rosetta Stone has quickly become a mission-critical tool for other law-enforcement and local, regional, national and international government organisations to better train and prepare their service members, security forces and employees to meet their mission requirements.


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Rosetta Stone is changing the way the world learns languages. Rosetta Stone provides an interactive solution that is acclaimed for its speed and power to unlock the natural language-learning ability in everyone. Available in more than 30 languages, the Rosetta Stone language-learning solution is used by schools, organisations and millions of individuals in over 150 countries throughout the world. The company was founded in 1992 on the core beliefs that learning a language should be natural and instinctive and that interactive technology can replicate and activate the immersion method powerfully for learners of any age.

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