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Learning a new language can be intimidating, but with Rosetta Stone’s free demo, you can test out and learn Spanish free to see how confident you can be when speaking in a different language. It doesn’t matter if you’ve taken high school and college Spanish and want a refresher, or if you just want to know basic Spanish language conversational skills, Rosetta Stone is designed to help you gain confidence, enjoy the language, and speak Spanish with people in real life, not just in “textbook conversation.”

If you’ve been researching how to learn Spanish for free and realise that you’re ready to start speaking conversational Spanish, but want a program that will give you results, then let us show you what we can do for your language learning with our free demo.

Spanish for Beginners: Rosetta Stone Has You Covered

Are you eager to speak Spanish, but find that these sites that offer free Spanish tutorials don’t seem to really get your conversational Spanish skills up and running? Maybe you’ve learned some basic words but other than that, you don’t feel you could tell someone your name in Spanish, even if your life depended on it? A site that says it can have you learning Spanish free may have the best intentions. However, some of these sites or programs are one dimensional (for example, you can learn Spanish for free only on a desktop or laptop) or are not backed by tested educational methods. Rosetta Stone makes Spanish for beginners compelling and conversational, so you can get out in the real world and say more than just, “Uno, Dos, Tres,” in Spanish. Our language-learning program is the result of over 26 years of extensive research and is meticulously crafted by our expert linguists (ever wonder what a linguist does?). You can access your lessons anywhere, from your smartphone to your desktop.

In human speak: we want you to get quick results and enjoy speaking Spanish each and every day.

What Can You Expect With Basic Spanish Language Lessons?

We go beyond just Spanish for beginners, and help you feel ready to rock a conversation in Spanish, enjoy a telenovela, or translate a Spanish pop song. Whatever your goals happen to be, we get you there. When you test out our demo, learning Spanish free with our award-winning program, you’ll be ready to dive into the program, full-speed ahead.

  1. We make it so you learn more than just words– you learn the language. Our Dynamic Immersion® method teaches new words and phrases based on the context in which they’re used, so you’ll be prepared to thrive in real-world conversations that don’t follow a script. You’ll learn everything from words and phrases to conversational Spanish skills. Whether you prefer learning Spanish by conversing with our native-speaking tutors, reading Spanish texts, or what have you, we have something for every learning style.

  2. We help you develop your Spanish speaking skills with our speech recognition technology. Every time you speak, our speech recognition technology, TruAccent®, will help you fine-tune your pronunciation. Because there’s no point in knowing the words if people can’t understand what you’re saying.

  3. We make sure that what you learn “sticks.” Through repetition and teaching you patterns of the language, you’ll learn new material–and revisit some you’ve already covered–at just the right intervals. Essentially, we kick start your ability to learn in context, making connections between what you’re seeing and what you’re saying.

Let’s get you talking. Discover why millions of people have used Rosetta Stone to enjoy learning another language with confidence.

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Surround yourself with Spanish (Latin America) whenever, wherever with the Rosetta Stone app.

Download a unit and knock it out on the train or a flight. Select a 5-10 minute lesson and sneak it in while you wait in line or for your ride to show up. And explore dynamic features, like Seek and Speak, where you can point at an object in the real world and get a translation.

The best part? You don’t have to choose between app or desktop. Both come with your subscription and sync, so you can switch between devices seamlessly.