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The Best Learn Spanish App

If you’ve tried to learn Spanish years ago and got stuck at hola, you should reconsider Spanish lessons with Rosetta Stone. Today’s language learning apps are gamified experiences, but all those bells and whistles should be approached with some caution. Many learn Spanish apps focus on vocabulary games that appear to encourage engagement but don’t actually result in building confidence in speaking the language. After all, knowing ¿Qué tal? is great, but if you aren’t sure which situations it’s appropriate to use the informal greeting or how to pronounce it, it’s not helpful in a real-world conversation.

Rosetta Stone understands that the key to speaking Spanish is about learning the language, not just the words. The backbone of our Spanish lessons is a unique approach of teaching words in context, scaling up to concepts in learning environments rich with audio and visual cues that mirror everyday situations.

Rosetta Stone’s Learn Languages app delivers contextualised learning alongside customization options and technologically advanced features. As a user of our learn Spanish app, you benefit both from activities powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning as well as a proven instructional method built on 25+ years of language learning experience.

What Are the Best Apps for Learning Spanish?

Spanish is the second most widely-spoken language in the world, so learning Spanish is a skill that will serve you well. With more than 400 million speakers, Spanish is the native tongue in 20 different countries, concentrated in Central and South America. However, since 40 million Spanish speakers reside in the United States, speaking Spanish is something Americans will get plenty of mileage out of both at home and abroad.

If you’ve been looking for an app to help you learn Spanish, it can be tempting to stick to something that’ll deliver the basics quickly. However, cramming your head full of memorised vocabulary is one of the least effective ways to learn a language. The best learn Spanish apps not only teach you basic phrases like ¿Cómo estás?, but the nuances of when to use the greeting and how to pronounce it.

Rosetta Stone’s award-winning app delivers feedback in every Spanish lesson with a speech-recognition engine called TruAccent. Advanced voice-recognition technology analyzes your Spanish accent and encourages you to correct your pronunciation before moving on to the next lesson. The goal of our learn Spanish app is simple—to teach you to say Spanish words like ¡salud! and así así so well you’ll get confused for a local.

Learn how to say "Excuse me, where could I find the best paella?" (Disculpe me, dónde podria encontrar la mejor paella?) like a native Spanish speaker.


Features of the Learn Spanish Rosetta Stone App

Whether you choose to focus on the Spanish spoken in Spain, the features Rosetta Stone’s app uses to deliver your Spanish lessons will help you both enrich and customize your language learning journey. Life is mobile, and Rosetta Stone’s Learn Languages app is designed specifically to meet the challenge of learning Spanish anytime and anywhere. Here are just a few of the features you’ll enjoy in our learn Spanish app.

1. Seek & Speak in Spanish

Your smartphone can help you seek and find items using scavenger hunt games that use your iPhone’s camera to practise conversations using found images.

2. Your Plan is learning your way

Need a little extra guidance to stay motivated? No problem. Your Plan is on standby to help you schedule time out for Spanish lessons and keep you on track with notifications and reminders. Available for Spanish soon on Android devices.

3. Phrasebook is Spanish at your fingertips

Phrasebook is your partner for those moments when you just need a little help (¿Puedes ayúdame, por favor?). Spanish Phrasebook is also a perfect reference tool for travellers because it works offline even when the WiFi isn’t cooperating.

4. Audio Companion provides flexibility

Make a little progress even when your learning environment isn’t ideal. Audio Companion lets you download and listen to lessons, so you can take your Spanish offline and on-the-go.

5. Listen to Stories in Spanish

Get into the rhythm of speaking Spanish with Extended Learning features like Stories that let you listen to and read along with native speakers. Stories can help hone pronunciation and give language learners a better feel for the cadence of the Spanish language.

6. Keep going with Translations in Spanish

For those moments when your brain won’t recall the Spanish word you need, use the long-press gesture. Rosetta Stone’s Learn Language app will grab a translation and keep you moving onto your next lesson.

How Rosetta Stone’s App Teaches Spanish

Fun, technology-driven features help learners feel engaged, but the real secret to learning Spanish is context and practise. Like any challenging endeavour, you get what you put into it. Setting aside time daily to practise and speak Spanish will go a long way towards helping you accomplish your language learning goals.

To help you work smarter, not harder, Rosetta Stone backs language learning with a proven methodology that enables you to get the most out of your Spanish lessons.

Dynamic Immersion® puts Spanish in context

Rosetta Stone teaches Spanish in context by mimicking real-world conversations in a learning environment that mirrors everyday situations. Your lessons scale gradually, starting with the common Spanish phrases you’d use in daily interactions and giving you plenty of chances to review and practise before moving onto the next concept.

Talk like a local with TruAccent

The kind of guidance you get from a native speaker who can help you correct your pronunciation is invaluable. That’s why Rosetta Stone’s voice recognition engine Tru Accent recognises and evaluates your ability to duplicate the cadence, pronunciation, and inflection of native and non-native Spanish speakers. By embedding TruAccent in every Spanish lesson, you get plenty of chances to perfect your accent until you feel confident speaking up for yourself.

Our customers have plenty to say about our award-winning learn Spanish app…

Thinking about downloading the Learn Languages app? Please don’t just take our word for it; hear what customers have to say about the Rosetta Stone language learning app that earns 4.8 stars in the Apple store.

“I had high hopes for Rosetta Stone before I started, and they really surpassed what I even thought they could do! The learning is picture based and so intuitive and helpful. The pronunciation software is pretty excellent and helped me execute the language great. Spanish is a breeze with Rosetta Stone…”…”—jc41019

Once you’ve soaked up a few of the glowing reviews for yourself, be sure to also pop over to the Android store to hear more about how users rate Rosetta Stone’s learn Spanish app.

“Absolutely love the speech and communication breakdown technology and visual association! Each lesson is broken down to help improve pronunciation and build confidence speaking and perfecting tone and patience. Such neat educational technology development that is organised and super effective in producing results!”—Daisy L.

What Are the Advantages of Learning Spanish With an App?

Our lives are increasingly mobile, and any method that seeks to teach language needs to keep up. Rosetta Stone designed the Learn Languages app with mobile in mind, crafting features that reflect what learning on-the-go means and translate that into practical features that get you speaking with confidence.

Watch as travel blogger Kristen Kellogg puts the Rosetta Stone Spanish app through its paces in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Here are a few ways the Rosetta Stone app intentionally creates a mobile-first language learning experience for Spanish.

Take Spanish lessons anytime, anywhere

From your smartphone to your tablet to your computer, Rosetta Stone Spanish lessons sync across devices. That means no matter where you left off, you don’t have to worry about losing your progress.

Customize your approach to learning Spanish

Schedules change, and life happens. That’s why Rosetta Stone has a learn Spanish app that lets you customize your approach to learning Spanish, with features like Your Plan or Seek & Speak that support days when you can only do a little.

Speaking Spanish is a journey, not a destination

Last but not least, Rosetta Stone has a realistic approach to learning Spanish that emphasises practise and not perfection. Even a few minutes of language learning a day can keep you on track to becoming a confident Spanish speaker. Our goal isn’t some hazy definition of fluency. It’s to help you feel comfortable speaking for yourself in Spanish during real-world conversations. We build that confidence by providing language learning that never leaves your side.

Download Rosetta Stone’s Learn Languages app and start learning Spanish today.

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The best part? You don’t have to choose between app or desktop. Both come with your subscription and sync, so you can switch between devices seamlessly.